XPD Diesel Fuel Improver
Opti-Lube XPD is the ultimate in performance diesel fuel additives. Improving Lubricity is just the beginning, this product also improves efficiency and cleans injectors.
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Improve Lubrication Reduce Wear Extend Vehicle Life Lower Energy Costs

The lubricity of diesel fuel has been diminished with the advent of Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel (ULSD) into the marketplace. Opti-Lube products protect your equipment by providing exceptional lubrication in the fuel system.

Opti-Lube Fuel Improvers cause fuel to burn more completely, improving power and fuel economy.
Vehicles with Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) should experience fewer regenerations. Plus, a more compete ignition reduces harmful engine deposits and oil contamination.

Clean Injectors are an important part of engine efficiency, which is why we’ve blended premium fuel injector cleaners into this formula.

Contains No Alcohol
Compatible with all modern emissions systems
"I feel the addition of Opti-Lube to our oil has significantly extended equipment life & reduced fuel consomption, thereby saving our company thousand of dollars" ...read more
J.Y. - Production Manager,
Texaco Exploration & Production



Summer Diesel Fuel Improver
A very economical blend, less than $1.50 per 75L fill.
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Winter Diesel Fuel Improver
This blend will warm your engine up faster and stops fuel waxing as well as jelling.
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Oil Fortifier
A High-Tech Lubricant Enhancer
that is Designed To Be Added To The Lubricants You Use Now.

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